The 600km/h high-speed maglev turnout is one of the key special research contents of China’s “13th Five-Year” key research and development plan “Advanced Rail Transit”. China Railway Baoqiao undertakes the design, manufacture and installation of the 600km/h high-speed maglev turnout system.

The turnout is a single-open flexible right-opening turnout, with a total length of nearly 80 meters, a width of nearly 3 meters, a switch distance of nearly 4 meters, and a straight passing speed of 600 km/h. It is currently the world’s highest passing speed high-speed magnetic levitation turnout.

Recently, the first set of high-speed maglev turnouts with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour completed the on-site commissioning task.

During the on-site commissioning, the time sequence of each driving point of the turnout and the driving coordination system of each power point were continuously optimized, and all efforts were made to ensure that the stress, line shape and driving force of the turnout beam reached the optimal state, and to ensure the stable and smooth line shape of the turnout.

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