2021 will be the year when Beijing’s rail transit has opened the most lines to traffic. There are 15 subway lines (sections) under construction and 291.3 kilometers under construction. Among them, 7 lines (sections) are planned to be opened by the end of the year, totaling 54.5 kilometers. By then, Beijing’s rail transit operating mileage will reach 781.5 kilometers.

The 7 lines planned to be opened are: Phase 1 of Line 19, West Section of Line 11, Southern Section of Line 17, West Extension of Airport Line, Remaining Section of Phase 3 of Line 8, Remaining Section of Line 14, and Remaining Section of Line S1 , A total of 54.5 kilometers.

Among these 7 lines (sections), there are not only the “large arteries” that run through the north and south of the city, but also the remaining sections that open up the existing rail network breakpoints, as well as the transportation lines that serve the Winter Olympics. 80% of the civil works of these 7 lines have been completed as a whole, and they are gradually shifting from civil construction to the stage of track laying and equipment installation.

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