In January 2021, the total passenger traffic of 38 cities in Mainland China was 1.775 billion, with an average of 57.245 million per day, a decrease of 12.56% from December; an increase of 7.274 million in January of 2020, an increase of 14.56%.

This month, the single-day passenger flow of Nanning and Taiyuan reached a record high, and the monthly average passenger flow of Chengdu and Nanchang reached a record high.

In January 2021, affected by the rebound of the epidemic and three days of rest days, the total passenger flow in the Mainland China decreased compared with December but increased compared with January 2020. The first time since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country has turned positive year-on-year, and most first-tier cities have increased significantly year-on-year , Representing the overall level of monthly average passenger flow, the two cities set a record high turning point.

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