On March 1, China National Railway Group announced the 2020 Statistical Bulletin of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. The details are as follows:

In 2020 the national railway investment in fixed assets has completed 781.9 billion yuan, and 4,933 kilometers of new lines have been put into operation, including 2,521 kilometers of high-speed railways.

Until 2020 the national railway operating mileage is 146,300 kilometers, including 38,000 kilometers of high-speed rail; the national railway network density is 152.3 kilometers per 10,000 square kilometers; the double-track rate is 59.5%; the electrification rate is 72.8%.

Rolling stock equipment. The number of national railway locomotives is 22,000. Among them, 80,000 diesel locomotives, accounting for 36.6%; 13,800 electric locomotives, accounting for 63.3%. The number of national railway passenger cars is 76,000. Among them, there are 31,340 high speed railway cars of 3,918 standard formations. The number of railway freight wagons is 912,000 units.

The above vehicles do not include subway vehicles in 34 cities in China, about 45,000 subway metro cars.

The total national railway freight transport volume was 3.581 billion tons, an increase of 141 million tons over the previous year, an increase of 4.1%. Among them, the shipping volume of containers increased by 36.7% over the previous year. The total turnover of national railway freight transport completed 2,739.783 billion ton-kilometers, an increase of 38.828 billion ton-kilometers over the previous year, an increase of 1.4%.

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