The passenger traffic of China’s mainland metro cities will drop sharply in 2020. The total passenger traffic of 43 metro cities is 17.527 billion, a decrease of 26.40% from 23.814 billion in 2019; the total passenger traffic of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is 3.143 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 26.11%.

Affected by the Covid-19, the total number of subway passengers in the Mainland has dropped by nearly 30% year-on-year, but there are still 4 cities that have achieved positive growth, of which the biggest growth is Xiamen. At the end of 2019, Xiamen’s second new subway line was opened. In 2020, the city launched some free tickets on some lines, which almost doubled Xiamen’s annual passenger traffic, a year-on-year increase of 95.89%. At the same time, passenger traffic in Changsha, Jinan and Hefei also increased by 14.18%, 10.98% and 8.17% year-on-year respectively.

In terms of passenger traffic intensity, Shanghai surpassed Beijing to rank first in the country with a daily average of 9.11 million passengers, while Beijing fell to the second place with 7.42 million passengers. The largest daily passenger traffic in 2020 will occur on the last day of the year. According to the “Report”, December 2020 On the 31st, the total passenger traffic of the subway nationwide was 96,305,500 passengers. On that day, the passenger traffic of 18 cities hit a record high.
In terms of operating mileage, the “Report” stated that in 2020, the total mileage of urban rail transit (excluding trams) in 39 cities in mainland China is 7,145.55 kilometers, of which Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou rank 704.69 kilometers, 699.00 kilometers, and 531.10 kilometers respectively.

In 2020, 23 cities across the country added 1,175.04 kilometers of subways, a year-on-year increase of 31.19%. Among them, Chengdu ranked first with an additional 216.81 kilometers, and Chengdu was promoted to 4 places to become 4th in the national subway mileage list. Hangzhou and Shenzhen ranked second and third with an increase of 170.70 kilometers and 107.26 kilometers; Taiyuan was the only city in the year to open a subway for the first time, with a mileage of 23.65 kilometers.
Regarding the trend of subway passenger transportation in Mainland China in 2021, the Urban Rail Transit Association analyzed that by the fourth quarter of 2020, subway passenger transportation in Mainland China has returned to the level of 2019 and is showing continued growth. It is estimated that in 2021, the subway passenger transport in Mainland China will increase by more than 20%.

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