On January 27, the first Chinese hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive rolled off the production line of CRRC Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Datong). This is the latest achievement in the industrial application of China’s hydrogen energy in the field of railway locomotives, marking a key breakthrough in China’s hydrogen energy utilization technology, and China’s railway locomotive equipment has entered the global hydrogen energy technology highland.

Hydrogen fuel cell hybrid power has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. Test operation data show that the energy conversion efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells is significantly higher than that of traditional internal combustion engines. At the same time, using regenerative braking technology, locomotives can absorb the feedback energy during braking. By formulating reasonable energy management strategies, the optimal energy can be achieved. Energy output.

The locomotive is designed to have a speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a continuous power of 700 kilowatts. It can run continuously for 24.5 hours in a single machine with a full hydrogen load. The maximum traction load on a straight track exceeds 5000 tons.

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