On December 23, the world’s first high-speed freight train with a speed of 350km/h rolled off the assembly line, marking a major breakthrough in China’s high-speed rail freight technology and filling the gap in China’s high-speed freight train technology and products.

The 350km/h high-speed freight train adapts to ambient temperature from -25°C to 40°C, with 8 cars formation of 4 motor car and 4 trainer car, the load is not less than 110t, the cargo volume is not less than 800m³, and the cargo space utilization rate is ≥85% . Compared with air and road transportation, the freight train is less affected by environmental factors, and can be reached within 5 hours at a distance of 1,500 kilometers.

The high-speed freight train uses technologies such as big data analysis, cloud virtual stowage, precise weight control and genetic algorithms to realize the intelligent stowage of goods and the reasonable distribution of the load. Using UWB technology, mobile data network and Beidou satellite navigation technology, the precise identification and positioning of cargo and the interaction of cargo information between train are realized.

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