At 10:25 on December 6, the tourist train from Urumqi to Fuyun Y937/936 Round North Xinjiang arrived at Fuyun Station on time. This marks the official opening of the Altay-Fuyun section of the Altay-Fuyun-Zhundong Railway, and the full completion of the Xinjiang’s northern railway loop line.

The A-Fuzun Railway is a regional trunk line mainly for freight and customer transportation. The line starts from Altay City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, along the southern foot of the Altai Mountains to Fuyun County, and passes through the Karamaili Mountain Nature Reserve to Jimsar County. It connects to the Wubei-Jiangjunmiao Railway at Zhundongbei Station, with a total length of 419 kilometers. Among them, the section from Fuyun to Northeast China was opened for operation on December 30, 2019. The section from Altay to Fuyun was opened this time, with a line length of 148 kilometers.

The Northern Xinjiang Railway Loop is composed of Lanxin Railway, Kuitun-Beitun Railway, Urumqi-Jiangjunmiao Railway, and Afuzun Railway, connecting Urumqi, Kuitun, Karamay, Beitun, Altay, Fuyun, Zhundong and other places.

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