A few days ago, a new generation of straddle monorail train developed by CRRC Sifang was successfully tested on the test line and officially rolled off the line. The train has completely independent intellectual property rights and has both metro and monorail technical advantages.

The new-generation straddle monorail train is a large-capacity straddle monorail based on permanent magnet traction; the train innovatively adopts a wide track double-axle bogie, the height of the train is adapted to the tunnel TBM type A, and the train highest speed is 100km/h, and it has outstanding advantages such as “fast speed, high climbing ability, small turning radius, large passenger capacity, safety and reliability, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and low life cycle cost”.

The train body has a width of 3098mm, which can be flexibly composed of 2, 4, 6, and 8 cars according to operational requirements. The maximum passenger capacity of the 6 cars is 1,400 passengers, and the service life of the whole car is up to 30 years. The train can pass 60‰ ramps and lines with a curve radius of 50 meters, which is highly adaptable to complex terrain and geology.

The construction cost of straddle-type monorail is about 1/3 of the subway, and it is compatible with the existing transportation system of the city; the operating speed, passenger capacity, and rapid boarding and landing are equivalent to the B-type subway, especially suitable for large and medium transportation volumes, complex topography and geology, effectively control the cost of urban rail construction and show the city landscape.

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