On the morning of November 30, the Wuhan Rail Transit Line 12 (PPP project) project started. There are 37 stations on the whole line, passing through the two major transportation hubs of Wuchang Railway Station and Hankou Railway Station, and achieving transfers with 18 subway lines. The number of transfer stations reaches 26.

This line is the only ring line in the “ring + ray” skeleton structure of Wuhan’s rail transit network planning. It is also the first ring line of Wuhan rail transit construction. With a total length of 59.9 kilometers, it is the world’s second and longest urban metro ring line in China.

The total approved investment of the project is 64.5 billion yuan, and the actual investment is 77.5 billion yuan. It adopts a new model for construction. It is the first time that it adopts the “workshop equipment + PPP” model for construction and it is the largest ppp project in Wuhan so far: all stations, section civil construction, station decoration and track laying, and adopts PPP mode to introduce social capital investment and construction; and the requisition across the line shall be borne by all districts along the line.

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