On November 28, the Shenzhen Railway Group stated that it will build “two 1,000” kilometers:

1. Metro operating mileage of 1,000 kilometers;

2. Simultaneous construction of 1,000 kilometers of national railways and intercity railways.

According to the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Railway Group, Shenzhen Metro will do four “acts for the people”.

First, create “two 1000” kilometers. In the future, the Shenzhen Railway Group’s metro operating mileage will reach 1,000 kilometers, and 1,000 kilometers of national railways and intercity railways will be constructed simultaneously to accelerate the rail connection between Shenzhen and Huizhou, Dongguan, Shantou and other places, so that citizens can fully enjoy the “city on track” with convenience of travel.

Second, create two or three world-class integrated station and city malls. Through the seamless connection of rail transit and urban complexes, it provides citizens with one-stop services for travel, life, shopping, and leisure.

Third, use the public space of rail transit to enrich the cultural life of citizens. In order to promote popular science education, Shenzhen Railway Group will build a subway museum with popular science knowledge as the core, integrating exhibition, education and interaction in Shenzhen Depot, presenting the achievements of Shenzhen’s urban construction and rail transit industry development; Build 500 “Metro Book Bars” on the superstructure, create characteristic art walls, hold characteristic concerts, and carry out cultural and creative activities, so that artistic elements fill the subway space, create a “track + culture” ecosystem, and provide more diversity for the public cultural services.

Fourth, let more “black technologies” empower the Shenzhen Metro and vigorously promote the application of technological means. For example, the new line of the fourth phase of the project will adopt fully automatic driverless technology, and Shenzhen Metro will enter the “driverless era”; promote the application of “5G+AI” smart security inspection assistance system, and reduce the time of passenger queuing at security check through automatic identification function. Travel experience: The “Biometric + Credit Payment” ticket sales and inspection system is launched, and through functions such as face recognition and sensorless payment, citizens and passengers can enjoy the charm of more technological subways and smart cities.

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