The special tourist train “Panda Train” created by China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was officially announced, and the most distinctive tourist train in China will be released soon.

Judging from the design renderings announced this time, the train has a total of three room types, including a super soft twin room, a super soft quadruple room, and a super hard quadruple room, totaling five designs. All room types use elegant white as the main color, which is fresh and elegant, but also coincides with the theme of “panda”.

The super soft bedroom twin rooms are arranged in tandem, with two single beds arranged side by side along the direction of train travel. At the same time, there are sofas, separate toilets and other facilities in the room. This is different from the previous arrangement of berths perpendicular to the direction of train travel, which is also refreshing. In addition, there are two points that people are looking forward to: First, is there a shower function in the independent bathroom? The second is whether the two single beds can be moved to form a double bed.

The superior soft-sleeper quadruple room adopts the form of upper and lower bunks, and the bunks are arranged perpendicular to the direction of train travel. Judging from the currently published pictures, there may be two layouts: one has four single beds, symmetrically arranged left and right; the other has two double beds, arranged up and down.

In addition to the above-mentioned three bedrooms, the design renderings of the multifunctional compartment and dining car are also announced this time. As a special tourism train that integrates the functions of “eating, housing, transportation and entertainment”, the design of these two carriages is also the top priority. Judging from the renderings, it did not disappoint everyone.

Judging from the picture, the multifunctional carriage has functions of viewing, leisure and social interaction. The bar table and chairs arranged along the window and the sofa on the other side provide a variety of choices. According to official information, in addition to the panda paradise, the singing area, and the massage area, the multifunctional carriage is also equipped with multiple foldable mahjong machines. It is indeed a tourist train with Sichuan characteristics.

According to the published information, the “Panda Train” is transformed from a 25G coach cars, including 1 super soft sleeper car, 2 super soft sleepers cars, 5 high hard sleepers cars, 1 dining car, and multi-functional entertainment car. There is 1 train with a total capacity of 252 seats. The trains will run on a regular, scheduled and routed cycle in Sichuan, Guizhou, and Chongqing, radiating along the railway lines in major scenic spots across the country. At the same time, it can also provide customized routes for group tourists nationwide. And after the “Panda Train” goes online, it will have themes every month and new lines every season, and it will be open throughout the year. If this is the case, then it must be the most exciting travel train in China.

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