The core technology test of AC-DC automatic switching of dual-voltaje urban express trains was successfully completed

On October 25, 2020, the core technology test of AC-DC automatic switching was successfully completed on the test line of Chongqing CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Jiangtiao Line dual-voltaje urban express vehicle is an As-type dual-voltaje system vehicle tailored for Chongqing based on the technology of the existing dual-voltaje system urban express vehicle by CRRC Changchun. In order to fully verify the safety, reliability and functional integrity of the AC-DC automatic switching technology, Chongqing CRRC invested in the construction of the first dual-voltaje test line in China, forming a complete set of test line construction standards. In this test, the AC/DC switching equipment was mounted on the dual-voltaje system rail car, and the core technology of AC-DC automatic switching was tested and verified on the dual-voltaje system test line, and it was a complete success.

The core technology test of AC-DC automatic switching is divided into four stages: train static test, DC dynamic test, AC dynamic test and AC-DC switching test. Among them, the AC/DC switching test is the most critical and core test of the entire vehicle. The train adopts multiple redundant controls during the design to ensure the safety of switching. The train passes through the AC power supply area, no power supply area and DC power supply area of ​​the overhead line. Under different working conditions and beacon instructions, according to the train running speed and status, it receives several switching instructions within 1 minute and performs dozens of switching action, and finally complete automatic switching.

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