At 12 o’clock on October 22, the main tower of the new Fuzhou-Xiamen (Men) Railway Anhaiwan Bridge, designed by the Fourth Railway Engineering Institute and constructed by China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau Group, was topped off.

This bridge is the first time that a ballastless track has been laid in a cross-sea cable-stayed bridge in 350km/h high-speed rail construction, achieving the world’s highest speed of cross-sea high-speed rail bridges.

Anhaiwan Bridge is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, connecting Jinjiang City and Nan’an City, with a total length of 9.46 kilometers, of which the sea-crossing section is 1.56 kilometers long. The main bridge is a 650-meter semi-floating system with double towers, double cable surfaces, steel-concrete composite beams. As one of the three cross-bay bridges on the Fuxia high-speed rail line, the bridge has a main span of 300 meters and crosses the main channel of Anhai Bay. The main tower is 126.9 meters high. It is a key control project across the line and is expected to be closed in July 2021.

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