Three CRRC subsidiary companies, CRRC Changchun, CRRC Sifang and CRRC Tangshan, have developed 400 km/h high-speed EMUs with cross-border interconnection characteristics for target markets in Russia, Europe, and Southeast Asia. On the morning of October 21, the 400km/h cross-border interconnection high-speed EMU was formally rolled off the assembly line at CRRC Changchun.

The train is designed to operate at a speed of 400km/h, and it can run between international railways with different climatic conditions, different gauges, and different power supply standards. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, active safety, and intelligent maintenance. It is a milestone in China high-speed railway equipment in the new era with significant innovations.

At present, there are many gauge standards in the world. There are four commonly used gauge standards in various countries (standard gauge 1435mm, Russian gauge 1520mm, European gauge 1676mm, meter gauge 1067mm). Ordinary trains are used between countries with different gauges, it is necessary to replace the train bogie before crossing the border, which will consume more time and cost.

After continuous research, the project team has developed a variable structure running system for high-speed EMUs. By using a variable gauge bogie, the train can complete the rail change operation during the journey, which greatly improves the efficiency of cross-border intermodal transportation and reduces transportation costs. At the same time, the train has strong environmental adaptability, can operate at a temperature of ±50°C, and can meet different traction power supply systems and railway transportation standards, and achieve interconnection on the railway network covering 90% of the world.

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