The fastest subway line in the world-160 kilometers per hour underground metro in China

On the morning of September 25, the first trains of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 and 22 manufactured by CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. were officially delivered. Lines 18 and 22 are Guangzhou’s first urban express line with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. The entire train uses 8-carriage D type cars. It is the first to introduce intelligent operation and maintenance system for vehicle maintenance based on big data and cloud computing.

The 18th and 22nd lines are over 90 kilometers in length, and are the first all-underground express lines in China with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. They have the characteristics of high speed, full tunnel operation, and exchange of 25 kV rigid catenary currents. “Digitalization” and “intelligence” to create an intelligent train operation and maintenance system based on health management.

Up to now, 76% of the civil works of Line 18 have been completed; of the 9 stations, 2 have been capped, 6 stations are undergoing civil construction, and 1 is undergoing preliminary preparations; of the 8 sections, 7 are undergoing civil construction, and 1 Preliminary preparation for each interval.

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