The first China Tram PPP project opened!

At 10:00 on October 10, the first train of the Sanya Tram Demonstration Line officially started, marking the initial operation of the first China Tram PPP project in which Guangzhou Metro Group participated. This is also the first urban rail transit line in Hainan Province. It is understood that the line is constructed by Guangzhou Tram Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Metro Group, and is entrusted to operate it.

The Sanya Tram Demonstration Line project total length is 8.37 kilometers. It connects the core tourism resources of Sanya City and an important external hub. It can not only effectively solve part of the travel problems of residents along the line, but also become Sanya’s beautiful scenery line for tourists to travel in the bay. The project officially started construction in July 2016, with a total of 14 trains, each consisting of 5 modules, with 60 seats and a maximum carrying capacity of 362 people per train. The design speed of the train is 70 km/h, the maximum travel speed in the urban area will be controlled at 50 km/h, and the average travel speed for the whole journey is about 20 km/h.

In 2016, Guangzhou Tram Company and China Communications Construction formed a consortium to win the bid for the Sanya Tram Demonstration Line Project as a social capital party. Based on the successful implementation of the Sanya Tram Project, Guangzhou Tram Company has recently won the bid to participate in more than 10 urban rail transit projects, including the Lijiang Tram Project, the Huawei Songshan Lake Tram Project, and Chongqing Metro Line 4. It accounts for half of the domestic tram PPP market.

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