The largest Chinese tunnel boring machine rolled off the assembly line

On the morning of September 27, a super large-diameter tunnel boring machine with a maximum excavation diameter of 16.07 meters rolled off the assembly line in the Changsha First Industrial Park of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group. This “Big Mac” tunnel boring machine is 150 meters long and has a total weight of 4,300 tons. This is the largest diameter tunnel boring machine developed in China so far.

The tunnel boring machine named “Jinghua” will be used in the Beijing East Sixth Ring Reconstruction Project managed by Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Co., Ltd., jointly developed by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group and China Railway 14th Bureau Group. It is the first time for a Chinese enterprise Successfully realized the industrial manufacturing of 16-meter-class super large diameter tunnel boring machine.

Usually classifies tunnel boring machines with a diameter of 12 meters and above as super large diameter tunnel boring machines. Super large diameter tunnel boring machines integrate cutting-edge technologies such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, information, sensing, and optics, and require a high equipment reliability.

Relying on China Railway Construction’s rich construction experience and massive construction data in super-large diameter shield tunnels, the “Jinghua” tunnel boring machine is equipped with atmospheric tool change, telescopic main drive, super-large diameter and heavy-duty segment efficient reverse transportation and assembly technology, High-efficiency and high-power mud-water circulation system, high-precision excavation surface gas-liquid independent balance control and other core technologies; at the same time innovatively equipped with pipe ring convergence measurement, pipe ring flatness detection, pipe ring selection, automatic shield tail gap measurement, synchronization Two-fluid grouting, three-way obturator pipe replacement and other system devices have transformed the high-strength, high-risk, and high-polluting tunneling operation into a relatively safe and efficient green construction mode.

China Railway Construction is a Chinese leader in the survey and design, equipment manufacturing, and construction of super-large-diameter tunnel boring machine, and it occupies more than 40% of the national market.

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