The new type of high-speed sleeper EMU developed by CRRC Tangshan is to meet the needs of China’s high-speed railway complex operating environment and long-distance road operation, and to further build an internationally competitive platform, genealogy, intelligence, and green energy-saving rail transit equipment Products, promote the sustainable development of high-speed rail, improve the comprehensive comfort of EMUs, and improve transportation capacity to achieve high-speed rail operation model innovation.

Passenger interface layout innovation

The new high-speed sleeper EMU fully considers the passenger’s needs for boarding and landing, comfortable sitting and sleeping, personal belongings and luggage storage, and innovatively adopts a longitudinal staggered arrangement of seats. After dozens of optimizations and improvements on space, color, bunks, bar, headrest, waistrest, handrails, escalators and other functional parts, it is verified by ergonomic simulation analysis, physical model construction, and actual experience of different groups of people. The design feasibility makes the design meet the needs of ergonomics, and the comfort level reaches a higher level, which meets the individual needs of contemporary people.

Capacity increased by 50%

Compared with the existing horizontal sleeper EMUs, the new high-speed sleeper EMUs are more comfortable, more private, and more comfortable. At the same time, the sleeper layout with a single-car capacity of 60 people is 50% more than the original capacity of 40 sleepers, so the unit fare can be reduced by 30%. , It is possible to use high-speed rail sleepers for journeys of more than 2,000 kilometers.

Good comfort

Each berth of the new high-speed sleeper EMU is an independent personal space, equipped with independent windows, air volume adjustment devices, and autonomously controlled adjustable lighting systems. The warm colors are matched to provide passengers with a warm environment and experience. The double-storey berth design can meet the sitting and lying requirements of most passengers below 1.9 meters; the adjustable backrest can meet the needs of different sitting and lying positions. The ergonomic bunk design, handrails and escalator design all give passengers a comfortable riding experience.

Good privacy

The new high-speed sleeper EMU cleverly utilizes the design of the train space to realize a relatively private personal space for passengers. Each berth is an independent personal space with independent curtains. When the curtains are lowered, everyone is in a relatively private In the space, and only a curtain away from the public space, it brings a sufficient sense of security to passengers.

High security

The longitudinally arranged sleeper system, through the collision safety calculation, its safety is much better than the traditional horizontal sleeper layout, and in an emergency, it minimizes the damage to passengers caused by the collision.

Low noise

The new sleeper EMU adopts a low-resistance, streamlined and smooth design of the car body. The resistance of the train is reduced by 7.5%-12.3% compared with the existing EMU. The noise is controlled by blocking noise sources, sound insulation, sound absorption, and vibration reduction. By selecting high-quality sound insulation and heat insulation materials and developing effective sound insulation and noise reduction structures, focusing on reducing the noise in the pantograph area, the end of the passenger compartment and the noise generated by the action of the main circuit breaker, and passing the sample test of the sound insulation and noise reduction optimization plan According to the simulation analysis of the whole vehicle noise, the noise level is better than that of the first-class cabin (67 to 73 decibels), creating a good rest and sleeping environment, and improving the comfort of sleeper trains at night.

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